Rammeverk for digitaliseringsstrategi på 17 minutter!

Arne-Olaf Posaasen, Indus AB

The lecture led to many good discussions and was a wake-up call for my colleagues. We managed to sow a seed which was the intention. There was an enthusiastic crowd returning to Sweden.

Øystein Grande, Cowi

COWI wanted to have a knowledgeable and engaging lecturer on his professional evening with the theme of digitization of the construction industry. Håkon Reisvang was able to structure the theme in a good way and make it understandable to us. He used good examples and gave us a greater understanding of the challenges facing the industry over the next few years.

Bo Riisbjerg Thomsen, Molio - Byggeriets Videnscenter

Hakon's post provides plenty of fabric for reflection. His reflections on the digital future and the speed with which he comes to life, puts many issues in perspective and tells us what to prepare for in the field of construction

Tor Børre Mosland, Tekna

Tekna Construction and Facilities organizes, among other things, breakfast meetings with various themes on the agenda. Håkon Reisvang has several times held interesting and rewarding mini-courses for our members and other networks, where the topics have been AI in the construction industry and digital twins.

Håkon Reisvang has done an excellent job for us, where we have had many participants at the aforementioned breakfast meetings, also online (streamed). Håkon is a dedicated lecturer and has solid knowledge of digital aids for the construction industry of the future.

Birte Løken Administrasjons- og studieleder, Quality Norway

Thank you very much for your lecture at our conference Digitization in building and real estate.
We experienced during the conference that there was great enthusiasm and interest in your lecture, and the feedback from the participants shows that your post gave them a great academic benefit, you kept a high academic level.

Even Stenvaag Leira, Programdirektør Eiendomsfag

A knowledgeable lecturer, with many exciting thoughts about the future. Created great engagement and reflection among our course participants.